Chapels of Rest

All our premises have at least one Chapel of Rest where relatives and friends are able to visit the deceased to pay their last respects if they wish to do so. You may wish the deceased to be dressed in his or her own clothes. If no preference is given the deceased will be dressed in a gown provided by us. Our chapels are simply decorated and therefore suitable for use for both those with religious belief and those without.

If you wish to view the deceased then we recommend that Hygienic treatment is completed prior to viewing. A qualified practitioner performs this treatment. It both affords freedom from infection to the living and helps to restore a natural appearance. However, it is not a legal requirement unless repatriation is required and the receiving country's authorities insist upon it.

On arrival at our premises, a member of staff will guide you through to the Chapel and having seen that everything is satisfactory will retire. However, if you feel you would be more comfortable if they remain, they will of course do so.

Chapel viewing times are between 9.00 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.